The first time travelling away from your family to a country half way across the world is extremely terrifying for any individual. Even if you have gotten used to living in a different area than your relatives for college or work, travelling across the world to a country which does not speak English is a concept that would displease many. But for the brave hearted travelling to China does not have to be as dramatic as you believe. It is very true however that during your first month as an expatriate you will experience times of homesickness and moments which can be overwhelming. However if you persist you will be to first cope, then adjust, and then flourish within this exotic culture. In order to help with the transition, it is recommended that you join a study abroad program. Below are 4 good tips, whether you plan to only be in the country for a semester or whether you have signed on for several years, to use in order to help you through the first few moments.

1) Study Abroad Progam
One great aspect of using study abroad programs to study in China( is because from day one you will be introduced to people exactly like you. Students whom have just arrived to China will be placed together and go on excursions which will not only allow your body to adjust quicker to the new environment, it will also create a safe comfortable environment were new friendships can be made even before your class semester begins. It is amazing how in a place so different how a simple sharing of culture can make friends out of people who are polar opposites.

2) Get Familiar with your local surrounding
Getting to know your surrounding area is the next step in allowing yourself to adjust. Identify the restaurants you would like to try, located the local stores and convenient shops. If you plan on taking the bus to school become familiar with the bus routes. When you join a study abroad program you will be accompanied during your tour of your local surrounds. All accommodation will be close to you place of study, and most of the stores will be in walking distance.
3) Make a Fantastic Western Meal
This one can be a challenge for many, however filling your home with similar smells of the foods within you home country really can produce a cosy feeling. This however will probably take a couple tries to pull off, especially as you are still getting accustomed to the Chinese kitchen you have and the limited ingredients you might find. If needs be prepare a cook book before travelling to China. This will allow you to learn the dishes you are most familiar with.
4) Find a place you fill comfortable with
During your study in China most time will be spend in class or at home. What is however very important is that you identify a third place you feel comfortable at. This can be café, pub, bar, mall, or a study abroad program lounge. It doesn’t have to be fancy or even foreigner-friendly, although the latter might be the thing that ultimately helps you feel at home in the beginning. Whatever place you choice, it must be a place which will allow you relax when you start to feel overwhelmed.

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